Five Reasons Why an Entrepreneur Should Have a Mentor

Being an entrepreneur is often a 24/7 job. Depending on your passion on what you do, it can truly feel like an overwhelming amount of work or it can be your life’s fulfillment. A good mentor or a coach can help with that.

An entrepreneur is very often lacking the massive resources that an executive of a large corporate has available practically immediately. On the other hand, an entrepreneur can usually make quick changes to his/her operations to respond to the needs of the market.

Since an entrepreneur very often lacks the support and benefits of a management team, he/she is often going through the days with more limited and narrower view on things around.

What an entrepreneur needs is a mentor or a coach to guide him/her in the achievements of his/her dreams. Here are five reasons why any entrepreneur should have a mentor or a coach:

  1. A good mentor asks questions that broaden your view. You should not view things only on your perspective. In order to make changes you need to view things on different perspectives to avoid narrow-mindedness. Having different perspectives on things will give you clear advantages against your competitors.
  2. A mentor can point out where to find information. A mentor is not a person who has all the answers, but a good mentor should be able to give you advice on where to get the answers and help that you need. You should not spend hours and days pondering on questions you don’t have the expertise on. Find someone who knows better.
  3. A mentor can help you enjoy your work more. Are you passionate about your work? Are you excited every day to get to work? A good mentor can help you find your passion. When you are excited about your work you achieve more and your brain has more positive chemicals to produce better results.
  4. A mentor is a good sounding board. Very often, just to speak out your plans and ideas to someone who listens and understands what you are talking about will help you come up with best solutions by yourself. By throwing a few targeted questions a mentor can help you realize the answers that you already had within you.
  5. A good mentor has a big “toolbox.” Mentoring is not only about listening and asking the right questions. Quite often a mentor needs to have real tools and exercises that will help you make the progress you need. Sometimes you need actual tools and answers to your problems and a good mentor will provide them to you. In one way or another.

If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t have a mentor or a coach yet, go get one. Finding the right one for you might take a while sometimes, but being without one can cost you a lot more. Go ask around, get quotes, have a few meetings with one. You’ll know when you’ve found a good one. But go get one.


Artigo original por Hannu Pirila.


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