Mar 06
A Mentor: The Benefits of Having One

Having a mentor can be a great way to help develop your career for the long term. A mentor is simply someone who acts as a teacher and counselor and in the context of your career, is someone you can speak with to gain career advice from. They could be someone you work with who […]

Mar 06
Five Reasons Why an Entrepreneur Should Have a Mentor

Being an entrepreneur is often a 24/7 job. Depending on your passion on what you do, it can truly feel like an overwhelming amount of work or it can be your life’s fulfillment. A good mentor or a coach can help with that. An entrepreneur is very often lacking the massive resources that an executive […]

Mar 06

O Turismo de Portugal vai promover, ao longo de 2018, duas edições do programa de aceleração Tourism Creative Factory e apoiar um total de 100 empreendedores, informou esta segunda-feira, 5 de Fevereiro. O programa, que arrancou no inicio do ano, com roadshows e bootcamps de empreendedorismo, foi alargado a todo o território nacional (exceptuando as […]

Mar 06
Bright Pixel traz programa de aceleração do Founder Institute para Lisboa

É considerado um dos maiores programas de aceleração do mundo e regressa a Portugal através de uma parceira com a portuguesa Bright Pixel. Objetivo do Founder Institue: encontrar e apoiar empreendedores que queiram desenvolver ideias de negócio tecnológicas e que não queiram despedir-se por causa disso. O programa de aceleração tem lugar em maio e […]

Mar 06
‘European Innovation Academy’ (EIA) traz 400 estudantes internacionais a Portugal

De 15 de julho a 3 de agosto, Cascais receberá 400 estudantes internacionais, que se juntam aos 100 jovens portugueses que irão participar no programa de empreendedorismo da ‘European Innovation Academy’ (EIA) e testar as suas ideias de negócio. O ‘European Innovation Academy é um programa único, com a duração de apenas 15 dias e […]

Out 26
Should startups care about profitability?

There are certain topics that even some of the smartest people I talk with who aren’t startup oriented can’t fully grok. One of them is whether profitability matters. It’s common cocktail party chatter to hear people confidently pronounce that some well known startup is sure to blow up. Or you know the other one — the one […]

Out 26
One thing separates creators from consumers

Enterprise applications are complex — there is an insane amount of information that is to be displayed that contains data from various sources, modules and users. There are complex graphs, usage patterns, and lists of data that need to be skimmed through before one can make sense of what the console is getting at. “The biggest challenge […]

Out 25
What to do if tour product isn’t growing

As a founder, product lead at Pinterest and PM for a couple products at Google, as well as a growth partner for Initialized Capital, I’ve seen many product teams struggle to grow. Many products start out with a bang. Some find product-market fit with sustained growth. A few have gone through spurts of hyper-growth. But […]