The APMENTOR (Portuguese Mentoring Association) is a combination of efforts and ambition of fifteen professionals, who share the same view that it was necessary to value, develop, centralize and organize the Mentoring activity in Portugal.
The ambition will pass in a second stage for the international development of the activity, creating a network of international mentors to support international projects.

All involved had experiences as mentors in different projects and concluded that this activity in Portugal is poorly structured and, therefore, underutilized. It remains misunderstood and unknown to most of its potential beneficiaries.

The recognition of this activity, with the definition of its own statute and the efforts for its dissemination, highlighting its relevance and potential benefits to the ecosystem of business organizations and the Social Economy, with special focus on startups, will surely have very positive.


There are several target audiences, some directly involved, some indirectly.

  • Entrepreneurs who are starting, or have already started, business projects;
    Managers seeking distinct skills that they do not have;
  • University students seeking advice / guidance on their future professional life;
  • Professionals who wish to change their career or simply seek counseling;
  • Incubators who need or want to broaden their mentor base or seek strategic advice;
  • Companies that need mentors for their technicians or teams;
  • Institutions that develop programs of support to companies or startups and that they deem useful to be monitored by mentors;
  • Universities that promote entrepreneurship;
    Universities wishing to develop specific training for Mentoring;
  • Sports clubs that want their athletes to be accompanied and guided by more experienced and knowledgeable athletes;
  • Commercial and Industrial Associations;

APMENTOR intends to have very close relations with all stakeholders active in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, contributing to its development and international projection, both in the leadership of related processes and in contributing to the success of other initiatives developed by third parties. contribute to it.



From the outset, this project was supported by AMCES – Spanish Mentoring Association and its president Xavier Casares.