What is mentoring


There are many entrepreneurs, students, or simply professionals who try to find someone to help them develop and improve their project or career and do not know where to find it.

By placing entrepreneurs, students or simply professionals in contact with skilled professionals and with extensive experience available to advise and monitor (mentoring) It is possible to support the development and growth of projects Committing fewer mistakes and achieving success more easily.

Mentoring is a relationship of accompaniment, sharing and mutual assistance between two individuals, the mentor and the mind, whose goal is to promote the transfer of Know-how, experiences, values and the strengthening of social ties. The strength of the binomial Mentor-mind is to encourage solidarity to reduce isolation and to allow personal development in a constantly evolving professional and social environment.

In this relationship, the Mentor is a person with a consolidated academic and professional experience, willing to share his Know-how, his experience and his knowledge to help a mind and develop its personal and professional skills. On the other hand, the mind is a person seeking support, progression, or evolution, motivated and voluntary, to benefit from the Mentor’s advice. This relationship, usually free of charge, is based on the sharing of information, in mutual respect and based on a code of conduct.

Becoming a Mentor

Professionals and people with experience in the business world who can offer support and guidance to new or future entrepreneurs should do so. To start this activity, to increase and improve it, our association facilitates potential and existing mentors, to be part of a network of reference to the entrepreneurial world and to rely on a platform of visibility, procedures, references Of success cases, standards at international level and, where appropriate, training.